Baby Boogie- 0- 14 months

 Do you notice how your baby starts moving from side to side to the rhythm of the music,  or a big smile comes on your babies face when music comes on?  Babies are musical in the womb, so it's never to early to begin  your musical education with your baby. Their sense of hearing is very developed at birth, and they are very tuned into the mother's voice , especially to the sounds of you singing.  When singing to your baby, studies have shown an increase in brain activity  essential to the development of language .

Musical Munchkin classes offers your baby a strong parent- bond attachment that helps foster positive emotional bonds, and helps nuture your baby's sensory development as well as natural musicianship.

You will learn delightful musical ways to play with your baby, make friends and  nuture your baby's sensory development and natural musicianship. Babies love the gentle bouncing, instrument and prop play, peek-a-boo games, tickling rhymes, baby massages and dancing included in our specialized 45 minute class. Live music accompanies our games and activities keeping your baby's attention while encouraging social interaction, language development and awareness.  Smiles, giggles and coos are heard even from your youngest babies as they begin to recognize and anticipate meter, pitch and tempo changes in our songs.  Our rhymes and chants are designed to stimulate and mimic the sounds babies naturally produce at this age and encourage them to produce new sounds. The class is for children up to 13 months of age who are not yet walking.