Kids Jamboree-Music for two and three year olds

This is a wonderful age for making music as children are eager to participate in more independent activities while learning to observe and follow the example of the teacher. The young child and parent will sing, dance and play instruments together. Echo singing is encouraged to develop language, listening, and pitch matching skills. Using our many varied instruments, children will learn how to make “soft” and “loud” sounds, and when to play “fast” or slow”. Circle dances, creative movement, puppets, felt board activities, and song books provide creative dimensions to their music making experience. By the end of the year, children will be playing the full range of our vast instrument collection--drums, shakers, metals, woods, tambourines, and Orff instruments, and will have easily mastered simple rhythms and a variety of tempo and dynamic changes, as well a playing a solo to “show off” their newly found skills.