Library Programs & Concerts

About Us

Musical Munchkins has reached children with our music in many libraries throughout the Hudson Valley. Our musical program is interactive using multi-culturally inspired instruments, drumming, movement, multi-language songs, pretend play, and even song versions of your favorite story books. We know how to give kids what they need while making sure that they feel excitement and joy on their trip to the library!

If our programs inspire your families to want to stay at the library, check out books, and connect to their library friends, then we have done our job and helped you to give them something they can't get anywhere else but the library!


We have done parenting classes, story times, and special music programs for the following libraries, and we are sure that the children's librarians would be happy to give us a recommendation for our program:


  • Finklestein Memorial Public Library

  • Marlboro Public Library

  • Wallkill Public Library

  • Middletown Thrall Public Library

  • Monroe Free Library

  • Goshen Public Library and Historical Society


  • Stowe Free Library

  • Waterbury Public Library

Size and Age Ranges of Groups

We like to keep each group in the range of 10-12 children for Baby Programs and 20-25 children for age 1 and up. This makes the programs fun and manageable for all.

It is ideal to divide the groups by age into Non-Walkers (Babies), Walkers (Toddlers), and Talkers (Older Toddlers and Preschool) However, it is not absolutely essential to the success of our work. We will adapt to whatever you need in order to accomplish your goals in having us come to your library.

If you need us to do a very large group or auditorium program, just let us know so that we can arrange for amplification and the number of instruments and equipment we will need.

Please email our director, Andrea Soberman for fees and rates at (Orange County, NY) or (Vermont)



We can come to your special children's event for a holiday or theme concert or fundraiser. Please call us for r fees and details.