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As music and early childhood educators, we know that children learn best in an  environment that nurtures, challenges and is so much fun! This is best accomplished in a curriculum devoted entirely for each of our age levels. The enthusiasm and pure joy they experience in our specialized classes will keep you coming back, session after session,  and year after year. We guarantee it!

Baby Boogie (3MOS-12 mos) Non-walkers | Bouncing babies (older babies & young 1's)

Babies are musical in the womb, so it's never to early to begin your musical education with your baby. You  will learn delightful musical ways to play with your baby, make friends and nurture your baby's sensory development and natural musicianship. Babies love the gentle bouncing, instrument and prop play, peek-a-boo games, tickling rhymes, baby massages and dancing included in our specialized 45 minute class.    Please bring a small blanket for your baby to lie down on.


Toddler Swing (1 & 2  Year olds)                                 

Movement is the key ingredient at this stage as the children discover their mobility. Instruments are added to our repertoire such as gathering & lollipop drums, bells, tambourines, and a wide assortment of wooden instruments. Props such as balls bubbles, scarves, crates, parachutes and canopies develop fine and gross motor skills and extend the child's movement vocabulary. As the year progresses rhythmic sounds, movement games and the use of specially chosen instruments help toddlers to walk, play and sing successfully.  


Kids Jamboree (2 & 3 years or 2-4 year olds)

 This is a wonderful age for making music as children are eager to participate in more independent activities while learning to observe and follow the example of the teacher.    Echo singing and call and response  are encouraged to develop language, listening, and pitch matching skills.  Using  our many varied instruments, children will learn how to make “soft” and “loud” sounds, and when to play “fast” or slow”, to sing and fully express themselves rhythmically  . Circle dances, creative movement, puppets, feltboard activities and songbooks provide a creative dimension to their music making experience. By the end of the year , to everyones delight , they will be encouraged to entertain us with a solo!


makin music for  3  & 4 year olds   & 3-5 year olds  **             

At this stage, most children are ready to increase their independence and we will encourage parents to be more on the sidelines,- while children are engaging with the teacher  and their peers. Imaginary music play is one of our favorite ways of broadening creative movement & dance   with the use of props  such as scarves, streamers and group dances.  Solo singing, song stories, and singing into a microphone  are encouraged to  develop good pitch and vocal skills. With the use of our wide array of instruments - from our simple percussion  and   Orff instruments,  they begin to learn that musicians play and sing together in an ensemble.  Learning how to be a conductor, acting out songs, learning simple group dances,  beatkeeping and rhythm games,   are some of their favorite activities.   


 YOUNG MUSICIANS (3 1/2-5yrs) &    (4 & 5 YEAR OLDS)  without adult

This class is designed  for children who are not yet ready for formal lessons of learning to play a musical instrument but designed  to build a foundation  for playing an instrument later on.  This is a very social year of development, and  Language, movement, rhythm and melody are used in game form  with their peers, to develop coordination, self- concept and creativity, and important listening skills, as well as to promote   self-esteem and leadership skills.  Children will explore solo and  echo singing, group singing, singing into a microphone with puppets, song stories to  develop good pitch and vocal skills . . Dancing and creative movement,  and musical activities from around the world are explored with scarves, streamers, parachutes, etc,    Exposure to beginning musical notation  and Learning how to be a conductor. and Orchestrating songs with our beautiful Orff instruments, percussion and ethnic instruments.



Family & Friends (Mixed age: 0-6 years old)

This class offers musical activities that can be enjoyed by children of varying ages. With use of our wide variety of instruments, props, and  puppets, children and their grownups are exposed to wonderful  fun songs, stories, games, and dances which allow each child to participate at his or her own unique level. We will combine the best songs and activities from all the different age levels.

*Older siblings welcome; babies under 10 months not walking free